I hope everyone had a good spring-like January weekend!  Last week while studying the comprehension strategy of making inferences, the boys and girls decided to create and sing a song to help remember what an inference is and why we make inferences while reading.  They did an outstanding job and I would like to share it with you.  The following link will allow you to see the adorable song they created:


            This week some of our reading groups will be reading a book about Jacques Cousteau a famous French naval explorer who studied underwater ocean animals and invented the Auqua-lung which allows explorers to breathe under water.  If you would like to learn more about Jacques Cousteau please follow the links below:


How to say his name:

More about Jacques Cousteau:



            In reading we will continue to work on the comprehension strategy of making inferences.  Making inferences is using the clues from the pictures and text in the reading to figure out what the author does not directly say.  Making inferences helps readers make sense of the text and builds interest as they read.  This is a strategy you should practice at home with your child with each book you read with them.  For example, if you see a picture in a story of a family standing with a suitcase you could ask your child, “What do you know about suitcases?”  “What do you think the author wants us to know about this family?”


            In phonics and spelling we will be working on the vowel teams for a long /a/ sound using /ai/ and /ay/.  Spelling words this week will be using these vowel teams.  Please study. These can be difficult.


            In math we will also continue working on place value and relating place value to addition and subtraction.  We will be finding a 10 when adding and subtracting two numerals.  For example 9+5 can also be thought of as 10+4.  Finding a 10 will help students add and subtract quickly in their head. 

            In science for the next couple of weeks students will be researching endangered animals and writing an informative report on the animal they have chosen.  We will do much of this work as a group but writing the report will be an individual assignment.  Students will also create a shoebox habitat of their chosen animal and create a commercial to convince others to help change actions that are causing these animals to become endangered. 

            In social studies we will continue to learn about Martin Luther King Jr. as well as other great American heroes such as Rosa Parks and Fredrick Douglas. 

            As always, your help and support from home is so appreciated and is more important than ever from this point of the year on. 

Thank you so much!



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