September 26, 2016

Hi Everyone,


            I would like to begin by thanking everyone for working so hard last week.  Everyone did a great job in completing all homework assignments and returning agendas, folders, reading books and library books daily.  Thank you!

            This week we will be working on phonics skills using ending word blends (nd, ng, nt, nk).  We will begin working on the new skill of visualizing and analyzing character as reading comprehension strategies.  We respond to visualizing and analyzing character in our writing journals as writing practice.  In math we will continue to work on the equal sign and determining if an addition or subtraction equation is true or false. In social studies we will review all the seven habits and explore maps and learning map skills.  In science we will learn about landforms (natural features of the earth surfaces, for example, mountains, plains, valleys, Fjords). 

            We have started taking Accelerated Reader (AR) in our class.  For each book your child reads from the library, he or she will take a test on the computer.  If your child scores of 100%         he or she will earn ½ point.  Our class has set a reading goal of 5 points per month.  Beginning in October your child will receive a free Pizza Hut personal pan pizza for meeting this goal (a few have already met this first goal).  In addition, with each level of points earned, an additional award will be earned.  For example for 5 points your child will receive a certificate for a free personal pan pizza, for 10 points your child will receive a free personal pan pizza AND get to eat lunch in our classroom and watch a mini movie.  As the amount of points earned increases, the level of prizes increases as well.  Ultimately, if your child earns 100 AR points, I will bring my pony and give pony rides for every child that earns this amount of points.  **(Your child will need to earn more than 5 points per month to meet the 100 point goal.)**

            This week we will go to P.E. on Tuesday and Friday.  For safety reasons, Mrs. Wood asks that all children please wear tennis shoes on this day.

            Next week, October 3-7 will be FALL BREAK!  We have all worked hard up to this point!  So let’s have fun, go outside and play, relax and most of all ENJOY (They are only little once and believe me this time flies by so quickly.  These are the “good ole days”) Make some good memories!


Thank you so much for your support.  I cannot begin to tell you how much you are appreciated!




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