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Curriculum and Instruction

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Curriculum involves the content or material to be learned and the process of learning which includes the actions and resources involved in teaching and learning. Curriculum can be defined as the intentional interaction of students with instructional content, resources, materials, and monitoring the students’ progress on meeting the targets. Curriculum planning must involve using data to target the needs and abilities of students and involve implementation of various instructional strategies.



Curriculum Alignment is the process of interpreting learning standards, setting learning objectives within the classroom and planning student learning targets that meet the rigor of the standards.


Curriculum Pacing is intended to plan curriculum across the year in order to organize the intended curriculum, assessments of what is to be learning, and includes the necessary materials to meet the standards.


Curriculum Mapping is a system that records what was taught, when instruction was delivered, how it occurred, how it was assessed and how the data were utilized to improve instruction.


Caverna Elementary Curriculum Documents

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